Wednesday, March 23, 2011





无言。。。 。。。 。。。

Thursday, September 9, 2010




Monday, February 2, 2009

Primary School gathering

After 26 years, we met again today. Full of jokes... recalling childhood funs. Wonderful day!

Friday, November 28, 2008


Life can be such a disappointment, if you have been working hard & giving your best to contribute to your role, yet people plot against you & you walked into the trap without even knowing it. Isn’t it stupid?

Monday, September 29, 2008

My duty to do so???

Whenever the quarterend rush is in, the heat is on... ... provided support for 10 hours each on Sat & Sun!!!

Still in office at this donkey hour & no one could advise the order status & yet communicate through sametime with CAPS on.

When come to dinner time, I was arrowed to place the order & due to a change of menu, people started to shout straight to my face... I didn't make the changes, why don't you shout at your boss??? To remind you, I've paid through my own card, do I have to do so??? Is it my duty to ensure food entered your mouth???

I did the call, just so happened that I am seated near your boss!!! To remind you, we are all colleagues, you got your pay & I got mine through working/slogging for the company, I don't owe you anything. Please mind your language/temper & more good things will come your way!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008


I hate it when they say, "You might have to accept the fact that she need to be on the wheelchair."

I HATE IT!!! I can try to accept but how about her??? Isn't it cruel???

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Was drama copied from real life or real life repeated the episodes of drama?

My mum was warded to the hospital for 68 days, all these while I was frightened by every phone calls that started with "6321 xxxx". Is either from the nurses, doctors or the business office (not enough funds in mum's medisave).

Mum gone through her spine operation (a major one!!!) on 11 July 2008, the moment she was pushed out of the OT, she was as white as a sheet of paper!!! Luckily she was alright the next day after blood infusion.

She was discharged to St Andrew's for rehab on 29 July 2008 & was warded to SGH again on 1 Aug 2008 due to chest pain & fast heartbeats. She refused to go to SGH however St Andrew's doctor insisted she should go to SGH A&E for a checkup. And we were told she has urine infection the next day.

I really don't understand why??? Urine infection can be so serious & it can't be detected or treated at the Community Hospital?

And for myself was caught with viral infection & my whole body ache like noone's business & was given 2 days medical leave. All I can do is to take the pain killer & lay on the bed, rest rest rest. It seemed like I have to admit I aged before my time, I tried to squat down to find a bottle of garlic bread spread, make me pulled my muscle above my knee & feeling numbness at my ankle area (can't go on medical leave on 30 July) & get to work till 12 midnight on 31 July & the shock of getting to send mum back to SGH on 1 Aug whereby she was only assigned to a bed after midnight & these are killing me.

Things just happened & I have no control over them or do I have a choice? Am I daring enough to stand up & voice out, would it really help??? Is this the right time to do so? I hate MONTH & QUARTEREND!!! I know, this is my job... I knew it!!!